The Three Essential Skills to Drive Your Success

And you need all three

Leon Purton
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10 min readMar 9, 2020

I am convinced of two things; most people know a lot, and some things you know are more important than others.

For instance, I know that turning up to work on time is important. I also know that Kangaroos cannot walk backwards. Each of these are important, but only one is useful.

In this vein, there are things that can help you at work, and then there are things that can help you skyrocket your career.

If you are after the first, Google it, there are heaps of listicles available; 15 Quick Tips for Excelling at Work, or How to Excel at work — 14 Tips for blowing your boss’ mind.

These articles will tell you to have a positive attitude and get to know your colleagues, these are really important, but you don’t need a list for it. I want you to know the three skills you need to know to excel in any job.

If you have all three of these, and can show that you are developing in all three areas, you will continue to progress at work. But, it isn’t easy.

You need to work out the exceptionally difficult task of linking vision, strategy and action. You need all three coupled together. If you can do all three, you are truly valuable to your organisation, and you will progress.

I struggled to effectively join all three, but when I did, I accelerated my career.

These three skills are all related and essential. You need to be able to work out how to couple them.

Like a child learning to draw; firstly you learn the pattern of movement that make the right shapes and colours (you learn the actions).

Then you learn the techniques of composition, the concepts of perspective and shading (you work out the strategies).

Finally, you work out that you are in charge of the final image, it is your ideas and creativity that builds the final piece (you define the vision).

Action, then Strategy, then Vision.

This is how you learn to become a better artist, it also applies to any job you will ever have. Any life-skill you need to master. It is also why I bought myself a sketch pad and a set of drawing…



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