Naming the unnamed in culture.

Source: Giphy

Every day at our Daily Culture Briefing, we discuss, debate and comment on culture. In these conversations, our language organically evolves as we track trend patterns across a variety of industries. “Word” is a weekly snapshot of the top five trends in cultural semantics, or naming the unnamed.

Border Buds

Cannabis dispensaries places on state borders that cater to the out-of-state seeker of legal marijuana. Inspired by Brewdog’s cross-border bar.


Shameless selfies, inappropriate hashtags and just too many posts — we all know that friend or follower who needs to be called out for breaching Instagram etiquette.

Bot Basel

The inclusion of art created by artificial intelligence as part of our artistic canon, raising the question of a premium placed on creations designed by mere humans.


A congealed lump of fatty debris found in sewer systems that contains the remnants of your dinner, your toilet and other undelicious deposits. The authorities at Thames Water in the UK coined this a Fatberg.

Hair Hubby

Husbands and partners embrace the trend of new masculinity by handling the beauty and hair regimens of their daughters, wives and partners.

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