Naming the unnamed in culture

Source: Giphy

Every day at our Daily Culture Briefing, we discuss, debate and comment on culture. In these conversations, our language organically evolves as we track trend patterns across a variety of industries. “Word” is a weekly snapshot of the top five trends in cultural semantics, or naming the unnamed.

Clutter Exorcist

The side hustle job of one who helps people rid their lives and spaces of junk and excesses in the physical world.

Economic IndeXXX

The use of porn as a metric that tells revealing stories of our behaviors and economy, like the way Pornhub traffic takes a plunge during new Game of Thrones episodes.

Forest Fetish

The attraction lush, green forests as the new luxury vacation destination, usurping far-flung the beaches as exotic getaways.

Longevity Liability

The negative impact of staying at the same job for too long on your future job prospects. Is it time to dust off that resume?

Waggy Meals

A product concept for restaurants and businesses to provide “Happy Meal” inspired treats for customers’ dogs and other fur babies, as our pets are becoming frequent tag-alongs in the modern family.

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