Summing SparksPay Developments 2018/19 since the takeover

Hello Sparkers,

From now on we will inform you on a monthly basis, about all of the news and developments of SparksPay. The frequency of our updates will change with the increasing amount of worthy news surrounding SparksPay, culminating into a bi-weekly or weekly rhythm, to ensure our followers are kept up to date with the most current and exciting news available.

So let’s begin with a summary of the many great accomplishments, and technological milestones achieved since the community take over of Sparks and how it has transformed into SparksPay.

What happened?

Sparks was founded in December 2017 with the idea to build a payment gateway to ensure safe transactions between buyers and sellers. During the beginning of 2018 (late January — early February) the developer decided to move on from Sparks, this paved the way for a highly skilled development team to take the reins.

In March 2018 a new team was formed out of the community, this team decided to takeover Sparks as a community-driven open source project, with the vision to enable the power of blockchain for e-commerce.

Given the initial enthusiasm, the new development team consisted of about 10 members. As of current the SparksPay team now consists of four core developers namely, zaWasp, z3r0, DrWeez and Bit-Yaddle. Some more members of the community are involved, doing marketing, copy-writing and moderating our social media.

SparksPay Vision

The main idea behind the vision is, to provide an end-to-end solution for eCommerce cryptocurrency transactions that merchants and consumer require.

The development team at SparksPay are building tools, which will help merchants accept Cryptocurrency payments and track the secure delivery supply on the Blockchain. This solution will be easy to integrate and support merchants to take part in and understand the rising demand for online Cryptocurrency payments.

Consumers will benefit from this easy to use multi-currency payment solution and the ‘buyer protection platform’. This will ensure the ease at which one can use cryptocurrency on a daily basis for e-commerce purposes.

What has been achieved since the takeover?

Summing of SparksPay Developments 2018/19



  • Mining and Masternode reward structure update
  • Wallet update released
  • New Exchange listing Blocknet
  • New Exchange listing BarterDex
  • SparksPay Coin Market Cap listing
  • Guardian node announcement



  • Rebranding of Sparks into SparksPay for a better fit to the Vision
  • Komodo dPow integration completed ( not activated )
  • Wallet update release based on new Dash Core (0.12.3)
  • Atomic Swap (prepared not activated)
  • Delta Direct listing
  • Gin platform Listing
  • Partnership with Beam.Works
  • Partnership with


  • Wallet updates
  • Successful Hard Fork in preparation for Guardian nodes, updated reward structure, and Governance including treasury
  • Apollon Network listing
  • New reward structure activation
  • Guardian node activation
  • Governance and treasury activation at Block 350.000
  • Release Copay Android mobile wallet/desktop wallet (will this be released in Q/2)
  • Release Copay Mac OS desktop wallet (will this be released in Q/2)


  • Release of Guardian nodes 2.0
  • Release Project Neon — blockchain management, analysis & marketing tool — for users and coin devs.
  • Release Project Xenon — a source of income for all crypto traders.
  • Wallet update release based on new Dash Core (0.13.x or 0.14.x if it’s ready by then)

We’re deeply grateful for all the support received from the community and looking forward to a successful chapter together.

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