10th December — Brenton Hordacre

Sparrho Advent Calendar

Day 10 of the Sparrho Advent Calendar — and today we are introducing our Sparrho Hero Brenton. Being an Early Career Research Fellow at the University of South Australia, he is particularly interested in stroke rehabilitation and approaches to improve current treatments for recovery.

He is the co-winner of Sparrho’s Researcher Prize in November 2017. Brenton’s pinboard with 43 pins and a good summary convinced the jury to support his travel to the 10th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation in Mumbai, India in February 2018.

Interesting background: Brenton’s interest to study the neuroplasticity in our brains was raised from his experience as a neurological physiotherapist. He believes that more research should be done in this field to better help people recover — and we agree with Brenton! Check out our interview with Brenton.

Find more about Brenton’s research here.

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