11th December — Tommaso Ristori

Sparrho Advent Calendar

Today’s Advent Hero is Tommaso, a Ph.D. candidate in the Soft Tissue Engineering and Mechanobiology group of researchers at the University of Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Tommaso was our co-winners of our Researcher Prize in December 2017. His high-quality pinboard about the prediction of “cellular forces and (re)orientation” was so interesting that the jury had no other choice than to grant Tommaso £500 in travel bursary to attend his conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

Pretty cool: Although Tommaso is actually a mathematician by training, he is passionate about biology and medical applications and has therefore extended his field of study. Moreover, Tommaso developed unique computational models for the prediction and explanation of his research.

Find out more about Tommaso’s research here.

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