13th December — Madhura Bhave

Sparrho Advent Calendar

It is the 13th day of our Advent calendar and our hero of the day is Madhura who is a Ph.D. candidate at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her research focuses on bacteria treatment to inhibit the growth of cancer.

Madhura was one of the first winners of our Researcher Prize in January 2018. We were strongly impressed by her pinboard and her ambition to innovate traditional anti-cancer therapies.

Good news: With her innovative approach, Madhura has obtained promising results for future cancer treatments. She found that the heat-inactivated bacteria she works on, successfully inhibit the growth of tumors in the mice and also improve the survival rates. We from Sparrho feel certain that Madhura will keep up her amazing work in the fight against cancer!

Find out more about Madhura’s research here.

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