14th December — Mikolaj Schmidt

Sparrho Advent Calendar

Our 14th Advent Hero is Mikolaj who is a Postdoctoral researcher at Macquarie University, Sydney. Although Mikolaj is trained in theoretical classical nanophotonics, he found his way back to quantum optics.

He is a co-winner of the Sparrho’s Researcher Prize in January 2018. With the help of Sparrho’s Travel Grant, Mikolaj spoke at the Mechanical Systems in the Quantum Regime conference in Ventura, CA, USA in February/March 2018.

Living around the world: Mikolaj is originally from Poland but he decided to pursue his scientific badge from the University of Basque Country in Spain. Following this, he decided to relocate to Sydney, Australia, to assume his work as a postdoc researcher. And how do people spend their spare time in Australia? Well, Mikolaj is a water sports athlete who enjoys BBQs and hikes in hilly terrains.

Do you want to learn more about quantum optics and photonics? Read about Mikolaj’s research here.

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