15th December — Vinutha K.B.

Sparrho Advent Calendar

Vinutha K.B. is a Ph.D. scholar at Monash University, Australia and focuses her research on Candida albicans, a microbe that is usually docile but can turn into an infectious form and cause harm to our organs.

Vinutha was one of the co-winners of the Early Career Researcher Prize in February 2018 and traveled to Providence, US, to speak at the 14th ASM Conference on Candida and Candidiasis on 15th April 2018.

Vinutha knows how to win prizes: Vinutha completed her Masters in Biotechnology from the Kerala Agricultural University and was the university topper in 2014. In addition to more prizes she won in high school, Vinutha also won the first prize for CSR Super Brain essay contest and has published several popular science articles — we are taking our hats off to you, Vinutha!

Find out more about Vinutha’s research here.

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