19th December — Elizabeth Thomas

Sparrho Advent Calendar

Elizabeth is a Ph.D. candidate at Monash University, Australia, specialising in the field of cognition in the theoretical model of schizotypy, which is a ‘continuum’ of personality traits, with schizophrenia at the extreme end.

Elizabeth was one of the co-winner of Sparrho’s Researcher Prize in April 2018 and convinced the jury to support her travel to the XXVI World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics in Glasgow, Scotland with £500 in travel bursary.

Science Communication at its finest: Although Elizabeth is pretty busy in her role as a mother of a 9 months old daughter, she finds time to volunteer as a STEM Professional in Schools with CSIRO and has been invited to give talks during high school events. And you know what? She actually wanted to be a fiction author and a graphic designer when she was younger. However, she decided that both those jobs were more hobbies… thank science!

Find out more about Elizabeth’s research here.

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