20th December — Joe Bathelt

Sparrho Advent Calendar

Joe is an Investigator Scientist at the University of Cambridge, UK, studying thinking skills, data-driven brain types and the neurobiological mechanisms underpinning them.

He was co-winner of Sparrho’s Researcher Prize in April 2018 and impressed the Jury with his research and summary about individual differences in brain structure and how they relate to thinking skills. Joe also relies on quite innovative methods: to learn why some children are having difficulties in school, he grouped children by similarities in their brain structure using neuroimaging and machine learning.

Multi-talented scientist: In addition to his work as a neuroscientist, Joe has discovered his passion for data science and science communication. He is therefore not only experienced in using machine learning for statistical methods but also knows how to communicate his research to peers or the general audience which includes parents and adolescents.

Read more about Joe’s research here.

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