22nd December — Jantina Manning

Sparrho Advent Calendar

Jantina is Research Fellow at the Centre for Cancer Biology at the University of South Australia. Her research focuses on genetic mutations that cause kidney diseases and how to improve outcomes for people who suffer from chronic kidney diseases.

Jantina won the £500 in travel grant money from Sparrho in July 2018, and which helped her to present at the Joint Meeting — Kidney in Health and Disease and Renal Scientists Group of the ANZSN in Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand in December 2018.

Cool fact: Some kidney diseases are associated with specific genetic mutations and Jantina and the research team she works with have identified a new gene ‘Nedd4–2’ as a new player that normally protects mice against kidney damage. Here is a useful hint from her research team: high salt consumption is common in a modern diet and can be the cause for the dysfunction of the Nedd4–2 genes which in turn can cause kidney diseases.

Find out more about Jantina’s research here.

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