24th December — Andrew Brian Pun

Sparrho Advent Calendar

Andrew is a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University, New York City, working with organic semiconductors. His research area deals with exciton fission, upconversion, photovoltaics, and photoredox.

Andrew received £500 in travel grant money from Sparrho to help him present at the 2019 Material Research Society Spring Meeting & Exhibit, between 22nd — 26th of April 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona, US.

Interesting fact: Andrew was born and raised in Folsom, a small city in the middle of California famous for having a prison and not much else. After escaping Folsom he moved to the Bay Area to study chemistry at UC Berkeley and learned about all sorts of different organic materials working for Dr. Yi Liu at the Molecular Foundry. He then moved to New York to pursue his Ph.D.

Find out more about Andrew’s research here.

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