4th December — Amanda Markovitz

Sparrho Advent Calendar

Today’s Sparrho Hero, Amanda says we have to look at pregnancy in a new light: it’s a sort of ‘stress test’ for women’s bodies and can be used to predict the risk of heart disease in the future. She is passionate about discovering things that can directly impact people’s lives and her research helps inform patients and doctors about risks to look out for.

Amanda, who was co-winner of Sparrho’s Researcher Prize in September 2017, says a major challenge for a scientist is to go against the grain and prove something that contradicts what people think should be true with evidence.

Interesting fact: Amanda first worked for an insurance company as an epidemologist, but changed her mind to do a PhD. For her research she dug up a dataset tracking women’s health spanning several decades in an entire Norwegian county.

Find out more about Amanda’s research here.

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