5th December — Linda May-Zhang

Sparrho Advent Calendar

Linda is one of our seasoned science communicators, having curated 4 pinboards and a number of Digests (at the time of writing).

She was co-winner of Sparrho’s Researcher Prize in September 2017 and impressed the Jury with her research and summary about preventing the formation of clogged arteries and cardiovascular disease by ‘silencing’ gut bacteria. At the same time her research involves the engineering of beneficial gut microbes that can protect us against a variety diseases.

Interesting fact: Linda was 3 years into her Engineering PhD when she changed direction, because her heart was in medical science. She completed another PhD and is now postdoctoral fellow at Vanderbilt University.

Linda is also passionate about fusing science with art and is a keen runner. Find out more in our interview with her and read about her research here.

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