8th December — Paula Sanz-Leon

Sparrho Advent Calendar

Paula is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, specialising in Computational Neuroscience, Computational Biology, and Biomedical Engineering. She was co-winner of Sparrho’s Researcher Prize in October 2017.

Paula is an ‘open-source & open-science advocate’, she says. And she likes to help the research community, for example, by providing tools for numerical simulations of whole brain dynamics.

Identity revealed: Our Sparrho Hero is not only a brilliant scientist. When she is off scientific duty, she works as a volunteer and teaches young girls how to program. Occasionally, she is also a tri-athlete, a closeted chef, and psssst… she admits to being “an intergalactic translator who knows to program in several languages”.

Find out more about Paula’s research here.

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