9th December — Eva Garmendia

Sparrho Advent Calendar

Our today’s Sparrho Advent Hero is Eva who is a Ph.D. candidate at Uppsala University, Sweden. Eva studies the chromosomal characteristics of bacteria and how they have changed— or have not changed.

She is a co-winner of the Sparrho’s Researcher Prize in November 2017. With the help of Sparrho’s Travel Grant, Eva traveled to San Diego, USA, in January 2018 and spoke at Analytical Genetics.

Say cheese! When Eva is not busy studying bacterial chromosome organizations, she could be spending her time with photography. And in case you do not find her behind the camera, you might find her on the dancefloor. And then there is also science communication and outreach… wow, so many interesting hobbies!

Do you want to learn more about bacterial species? Read about Eva’s research here.

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