From a Science PhD to Data Scientist #5!

Farr Institute and Data Science Building in the UK (Wikipedia Commons)

Ever thought about leaving academia? Have you thought about becoming a data scientist? Last week we wrote about jobs in the data science field. Data science is a relatively new field and it is growing fast. Many companies from startups such as to large corporates have begun recruiting PhD graduates to become data scientists.

They are looking for people with a very quantitative and logical mind to examine data and predict future trends and results, for which a PhD trains you well. Joe Burridge, Recruiter at growing tech startup Hudl gives the following advice:

“Apply to the right companies. Many companies looking for Data Scientists either don’t know what Data Science is or don’t need it (or both!). Think about what size company you want to work for, what problems you want to solve and the data sets you want to work with.” [ 1 ]

Similar to last time, we have found some examples of what is being offered right now if you want to have a quick look!

Our top picks for this week (4th — 8th April):

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