What will an AI-integrated future look like — and where will humans fit in?

Sparrho visited the Artificial Intelligence in Business & Entrepreneurship Summit on Sunday 4th February

We were excited to be guests at AIBE, also known as the Artificial Intelligence in Business and Entrepreneurship summit — the world’s largest non-profit conference on AI last Sunday.

The event poses some fascinating and difficult questions about our future co-existence with AI including ethics, governance, the economic and security impacts. We’ve seen how AI can liberate us from everyday, mundane tasks and improve efficiency in a vast number of industries.

But we also saw, how it has the capability to erode human autonomy, decision-making and skills if we don’t take great care in designing our future.

Only in its second year but already commanding a stellar line-up of industry leaders at a world-famous venue, AIBE was too good to miss for us.

(Check out our tweets from the event @sparrho and see the line-up of this year’s inspiring speakers here).

How can we survive the AI winter? How might blockchain drive social good? What will an AI-integrated future look like? What’s next for fintech? And where do robotic ethics come into the picture?

Some big names, philosophical questions and an AI composer

We went in wondering if we’d learn self-defence techniques against rogue robots (just kidding!). As it turned out, we heard about intriguing possibilities and challenges from professionals at the forefront of the AI advance.

Innovators like Microsoft’s Global Strategist Nigel Willson, entrepreneurs such as the hugely successful founder of Entrepreneur First, Alice Bentinck MBE, and academics like Luciano Floridi, director of Oxford University’s groundbreaking digital ethics lab: these, and many others, were captivating the audience on AIBE’s stage.

The Creation Of AI?

We’ve also seen a great number of fun exhibitions from a variety of weird and wonderful AI companies.

From the solemnly serious Darktrace, a world-leading cybersecurity company leveraging AI to react to all manners of cyberthreats, to the joyfully creative AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist, who can compose in the style of John Williams, seriously good, have a listen here).

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