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2 min readMar 27, 2020


Yan, Senior Investment Manager @ Sparrow Ventures

Yan shares his take on why he thinks startups have a strong partner with us on their side, which also links to the reasons he chooses to be a Sparrow.

What kind of startups are we investing in?

We focus on startups that already showed some traction and therefore have already reached a certain growth stage. Typically, we are looking here at Serie-A and Serie-B investment rounds. For this, we are especially interested in B2C and D2C operating businesses in the field of Food & Beverage, FinTech, Digital Health, Last-Mile-Delivery, and Community & Lifestyle.

Why is that the focus?

As we belong to the Migros Group, one of the largest retailers in Europe, we are naturally on a mission to strategically invest capital in startups that make sense for the operations and bring long-term value for the group as a whole.

What are we looking for in a startup? What not?

Next to being on the path of growth, we invest in startups, where we are convinced by the idea behind it. Another criterion that is essential for us, is the experience of the founders and the team around them. As we typically do not get involved operationally, we must believe them capable of driving the startup with the fresh capital to the desired level. Other than that, we are also observing the usual KPI’s such as unit economics in the form of customer lifetime value and customer acquisition cost.

In your opinion, why should startups be interested in partnering with us? What can we offer that others can’t?

As a strategic investor, we have no investment cycle that requires us to push for a fast exit. We rather have a long-term vision, where our goal is to support wherever we can to accompany the startup on its continued way of success. Next to this, we also have the opportunity, where it makes sense, to make connections and explore synergies with the Migros Group. A group that allows founders to be entrepreneurially active.

Is this also related to why you choose to be a Sparrow?

Definitely. I am convinced by the idea behind Sparrow Ventures itself, which is focused on building new business models and investing in innovative startups across markets that add real value to customers, especially in Switzerland. We are a group of passionate people where everyone comes in with an entrepreneurial mindset. The team spirit as a whole creates not only a dynamic but also a fun atmosphere to work in.

Let’s talk! If this speaks to you, please do reach out or submit your pitch deck directly here.

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