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Meet our April Researcher Prize winners!

Well done to Elizabeth and Joe — two young scientists winning our Early Career Researcher Prize for April!🥇

They both pocket £500 towards presenting at a conference of their choice.

Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth Thomas is a PhD candidate at Monash University, Australia, specialising in the field of cognition in the theoretical model of schizotypy, which is a ‘continuum’ of personality traits, with schizophrenia at the extreme end.

Elizabeth is using her Sparrho money to take part at the XXVI World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics in Glasgow, Scotland from 11/10/2018

Learn more about Elizabeth’s research here.

Dr. Joe Bathelt

Joe Bathelt is an Investigator Scientist at the University of Cambridge, UK studying thinking skills, data-driven brain types and the neurobiological mechanisms underpinning them.

Joe took part in the Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting in Boston this year.

Learn more about Joe’s research here.




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