Sparrow Digest #2

Sneak peek at the next version of the Sparrow Exchange platform interface.

We have a huge tech update this week. We have been working incredibly hard on tech development the past few months to create a strong foundation that would enable us to build an amazing platform and support the community that needs proper risk control tools. We are already improving the user interface based on feedback from our users and partners. We have been getting so many questions on how we can help build tools to help projects control risk or funds monetize their digital assets. This is an amazing moment for us — a far cry from January 2018 where people would ignore us and fail to see the purpose of options for crypto. But more importantly…. the Nidus testnet is up!

Nidus Testnet is up

The Nidus testnet is up and running, you can view the stats right here:

To connect to the Nidus testnet, you can run the Docker container which is already configured to connect to it.


The Codebase related to Nidus is available on GitHub and is open to contributions. We can’t wait to hear from you.




What is Nidus?

We care deeply about serving our users with risk control tools that give them the confidence to trade anything.

We designed Sparrow Exchange to perform options trades with speed, transparency and reliability, and a big part of that is Nidus — the blockchain that handles the settlement of options.

Read more about it here:

About Sparrow Exchange

Sparrow Exchange is the world’s first peer-to-peer options platform. It offers fully customizable options on cryptocurrencies with no counterparty risk in an easy-to-use interface.



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