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BUIDL-Weekly: 06JUN22–12JUN22

CoinMarketCap DEX Listing

SynthVault Claim Drop | SPIP-105

NOWNodes Listing

WhaleStats Mentions

CoinMarketLeague Charts

Weekly Community Call / Hangout

Weekly LearnToEarn Quiz

SpartAnalytics Report

Community DApp


  • Update page meta tags / headers / titles to suit the BSC -> BNBChain change + also to make the DApp more clear its a separate community built & run project
  • Updated some fonts
  • Created some new icons to replace some old SVGs
  • Applied a more neutral styling throughout DApp
  • Removed colors from the icons in the top-right of DApp (SPARTA & BNBChain icons changed to greyscale)

Swap & Synth & Liquidity Pages

  • Applied changes as per #776 to iterate the swap UI towards a more scaled & clear one
  • These changes were also applied in the synth & liquidity pages
  • Applied some bandaid fixes to temporarily make the swap & liquidity pages snappy/quick again (the upgrade to newest CRA broke some stabilities we previously had) plans in place to rewrite these sections and add some Redux stores to handle the issue properly over the coming weeks, for now, these intrum changes will remove that delay experienced (in most instances) when changing the input value or clearing the input box or changing assets

Friends Page

  • Updated CoinGecko item to include DEX listing

Refactor Redux Stores

  • Refactor every Bond store action using getState + added conditionals
  • Refactor every Dao store action using getState + added conditionals
  • Refactor every Pool store action using getState + added conditionals
  • Refactor every Reserve store action using getState + added conditionals
  • Refactor every Router store action using getState + added conditionals
  • Refactor every Sparta store action using getState + added conditionals
  • Refactor every Synth store action using getState + added conditionals
  • Refactor every Utils store action using getState + added conditionals
  • Refactor every Web3 store action using getState + added conditionals
  • Searched for every ref of every changed action and adjusted in the components accordingly

Refactor Listeners

  • window.addEventListener('focus') && window.addEventListener('blur') removed from all pages
  • New FocusProvider context created to handle 'page is in focus' state globally and added cleanup functions + conditionals to reduce the un-needed load

DataManager Refactor

  • Major refactor and cleanup of the DataManager flow
  • Still some more improvements available after #801 & #802

SynthItem & SynthTableItem Refactor

  • Whilst combing, found out that every instance of SynthItem & SynthTableItem was calling the global synthVaultWeight RPC calls every time synthDetails or poolDetails change
  • Was about 15 RPC calls per 10s period when user had the synth view open
  • Refactored this to the parent including a conditional to get the same result from 1–2 RPC calls per 10s period

Refactor UseEffects

  • src/components/Approval/index.js
  • src/components/AssetSelect/index.js
  • src/components/PoolSelect/index.js
  • src/components/Settings/index.js
  • src/components/Share/index.js
  • src/components/WalletSelect/index.js
  • src/components/WalletSelect/tabs/Txns.js
  • src/containers/Common/DataManager/index.js
  • src/containers/Common/Navbar/components/Supply.js
  • src/containers/Dao/NewProposal.js
  • src/containers/Dao/index.js
  • src/containers/Donate/index.js
  • src/containers/Liquidity/Components/Metrics.js
  • src/containers/Liquidity/LiqAdd.js
  • src/containers/Liquidity/LiqRemove.js
  • src/containers/Liquidity/index.js
  • src/containers/PU/Others.js
  • src/containers/PU/ReserveDetails.js
  • src/containers/Pools/NewPool.js
  • src/containers/Pools/SynthItem.js
  • src/containers/Pools/SynthTableItem.js
  • src/containers/Pools/index.js
  • src/containers/Positions/PoolPositions.js
  • src/containers/Positions/SynthPositions.js
  • src/containers/Swap/swapLps.js
  • src/containers/Swap/swapTokens.js
  • src/containers/Synths/index.js
  • src/containers/Vaults/BondVault.js
  • src/containers/Vaults/DaoVault.js
  • src/containers/Vaults/SynthVault.js

To do:

Protocol Site

New layout branch: new-site-tailwind

  • Setup new repo for newer layout
  • Switched to tailwindcss
  • Created DAO section
  • Created hero section
  • Created navbar
  • Created landing section
  • Created pool section
  • Created stake section
  • Created swap section

To do:

  • Continue working on newest layout design

Protocol API

To do:

Protocol Subgraph

Protocol Contracts V3

To do:

  • Draft up general pool structure

Protocol Resources

Protocol Docs

To do:

Protocol Contracts V1 — V2

Ecosystem Project: SpartanSwap

SpartanSwap Contracts

  • Contracts repo placeholder setup

SpartanSwap DApp

  • DApp repo placeholder setup

SpartanSwap Resources

  • Resources repo placeholder setup, just a temporary placeholder logo in there for now

Ecosystem Project: SpartanArena

SpartanArena Contracts

SpartanArena DApp

SpartanArena Resources

Project Information

Official Links

Community Contribution

Engage with the community and contributors



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