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BUIDL-Weekly: 10OCT22–16OCT22

Welcome to another weekly wrap-up, Spartans! Thanks to all the community contributors and friends who helped Buidl, promote and support during the week! Read on for the update

The SPARTA token was listed on data aggregator. At this point none of our pools are integrated with their data aggregator, so the price, volume, liquidity, etc metrics are not accurate. There are other handy metrics available though so jump on and check it out!

Our community contributors will continue working with them to hopefully integrate our pools with the data aggregator and potentially their mobile wallet too.

The SPARTA token has been listed on MetaTDex, which is a limit-order DEX. If you would prefer to set limit orders (without the use of a CEX) for trading your SPARTA instead of the instant-swap feature our pools provide, MetaTDex provides that. If you trade at least 250USDT volume on MetaTDex before 18th October 1200 UTC+4 you will earn a share of 4000 TT

Thanks to Phillip & Nolan for hosting MetaTDex in our community Telegram for an AMA about their limit order platform on the weekend! It was a text-based AMA so if you missed it feel free to scroll up in the channel to catch up.

Thanks to Arty & Nolan for this community Tweet & graphic highlighting that ~30% of SPARTA’s circulating supply is located inside our AMM pools. One correction though: SPARTA that is supplied as liquidity is not ‘locked’, as anyone can swap assets in/out of the pools or remove their liquidity at any time.

This level of utilisation of the SPARTA token for its main intended utility is an amazing start for our phase as a community to ‘take back our supply’, let’s continue to pull more of it off CEXs and into the pools to bolster them as the main liquidity source of SPARTA.

Don’t forget to vote for SPARTA every day Spartans!

Don’t forget to tune into the Telegram channel each week with @ReidyPhillip to get updates on the project and broader ecosystem. Join in the discussion with any ideas and questions!

Hosted every Wednesday at ~11:00 UTC but subject to change based on community feedback and availability. Please check the Telegram channel each Tuesday/Wednesday to confirm the exact time.

Our community collates the public Spartan Protocol data into a PDF report each month covering Google Search (impressions, clicks, devices, keywords & geographical) & Twitter analytics. You can find the full September report here

‌GitHub Repo:


  • add TrustWallet to the pre-existing network-change logic (MetaMask method)

SpartanSwap is just a placeholder for now, but it is a separate project with the intention of building an alternative frontend for users to interact with the Spartan Protocol pools. With a focus on swap functionality to start with and longer-term plans to iterate towards becoming a swap aggregator for BNBChain and potentially multi-chain after that

GitHub Repo:

  • commented out synth values that arent currently used/needed (save call data, will require changes to SP’s community DApp)
  • added BNB/WBNB handling to getTokenDetails()
  • added a Helper file with a `getBalances()` example
  • setup initial tests file so we can ensure the contract returns correct data before deploying a test contract
  • added cache and artifacts to gitignore to reduce commit clutter (they are dynamically created when tests are run anyway)
  • adjusted sparta and token1 contracts to hand some supply to deployer for testing
  • adjusted token1 contract to allow for easy batch-deploying (to test limitations and call-times of calling differing array lengths) — — tested 10,000 pools with a timeout issue, same with 1,000 deploys. 250 was fine though, so 100 might be a good range to use
  • added some helpers: `deployPool` && `curatePool` && `unCuratePool`
  • cleaned up the testing structure to give a more all-round deploy of the SP contracts and variables, added some proper nesting to the tests and completed some testing examples for every function in the utils contract
  • finalise the first phase of #3
  • add getTotalSupply()
  • add getCircSupply()
  • add getInternalPrice()
  • add stableCoinPools array var & a setter: setStablePoolArray()
  • added getListedPools() — — (unbounded: okay for v2 but adjust for V3).
  • added getInternalPrice() — — (bounded by a storage array, returns an 18 decimal bignumber that clients will need to divide by 10**18 to get normal decimal units/fractions)
  • added getTVLUnbounded() — — (Unbounded, okay for v2 but adjust for v3 — returns SPARTA-value TVL)
  • added getTVL() — — (Bounded: as an example for v3 — returns SPARTA-value TVL)
  • reserveHeldPools array var (stores addresses of pools that the reserve holds LPs of)
  • ReserveDetails struct to structure the return data to do with reserve LP holdings
  • getReserveHoldings() to loop the reserveHeldPools and return array of ReserveDetails struct
  • setReservePoolArray() to set the array as above
  • updated getCircSupply() to remove the SPARTA underlying reserve-help LPs
  • added to helper connectToContract() to help create a contract object that we can interact with in tests when the contract was deployed indirectly (like pools via the poolFactory)
  • updated tests updated circulating supply tests to ensure the circ supply reduces when sparta is sent to the reserve and when LPs are sent to the reserve (via the above new holdings functions)
  • updated tests added a test for returning the reserve holdings
  • closed #5 & #4

GitHub Repo:

GitHub Repo:

SpartanArena is another separate project with a focus on creating subprojects that lean more towards ‘gaming’. Some ideas in the works for the future may include an NFT looter game, lottery and a prediction/parimutuel game

GitHub Repo:

GitHub Repo:

GitHub Repo:

Spartan Toolkit is an ecosystem project spawned from the Spartan Protocol community aiming to improve tooling for projects and users within the BNBChain ecosystem including Beacon, Smart & BAS chains.

GitHub Repo:

Legacy BepTools Repo: (will request a PR and/or mirror to GitHub)

Temp Frontend:

SpartanToolkit contributors have forked and updated/fixed wallet connections etc on the BepTools DApp to give BinanceChain / BeaconChain / BEP2 users a way to freeze/unfreeze & batch send BEP2 tokens on BNB Beacon Chain

GitHub Repo:

A React library with the intention of providing builders with a plug-and-play solution for any web3 wallet compatible with BNB ecosystem chains (Beacon, Smart, BAS etc)

GitHub Repo:

A tooling user interface for users + projects on BNB Beacon Chain. Batch-send, freeze/unfreeze, deploy BEP2 token etc without touching the command line!

GitHub Repo:

Tooling and informational user interface for users + projects on BNB Smart Chain‌

Spartan Protocol and its extended ecosystem is a 100% open source community movement. Being an open org, everything is built, run and maintained by the community. If you would like to contribute or learn more, reach out in the community channels!‌



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