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How to check your ‘Redemption Value’

Guide for assessing the value of your LP tokens

Now that I have added liquidity and my assets are working hard to earn revenue from dividends and slip fees. What do I do next?

’Assess those GAINZ!’

You are probably wondering how?

Positions Page

Contributors are currently working on delivering a ‘positions’ page so that users can easily see:

  • How much of each asset they have ‘added’ to the pools
  • How much of each asset they have ‘removed’ from the pools
  • Bond+Mint asset ‘adds’
  • The current redemption value of their LP holdings

Using all that, you will be able to assess whether you are up or down in USD/unit terms.

Users may opt to shift their liquidity to a higher-performing pool or play out whatever strategy makes sense based on the data they have.

In the Meantime

For now, you can at least assess the redemption value of your LP tokens within the DApp without having to:

  • Remove your LP units from the Lock+Earn (DAO)
  • Visit a chain explorer
  • Find batteries for your scientific calculator

Simply follow these steps:

1. Pools Page

Go to the ‘pools’ page in the DApp (

Go to pools page

2. Go To Liquidity Management Page

Click ‘join’ on the pool that represents the LP tokens you want to assess

Go to the liquidity management page

3. ‘Remove Liquidity’ Tab

Click the ‘remove both’ tab

Go to ‘remove’ tab

4. Redemption Value of ‘Freely Held’ LP Tokens

If your tokens are NOT locked in Lock+Earn (DAO), slide the slider all the way to 100% (see circled in the example)

This will change the values next to ‘receive’ to show how much your LP tokens would be worth if you were to remove 100% of them now.

The redemption value of LP tokens that are held freely in the wallet

5. Redemption Value of Locked LP tokens (Lock+Earn/DAO)

If your tokens ARE locked in Lock+Earn (DAO), simply look at the lower section: “Projected Output”

This will show you how much your LP tokens would be worth if you were to remove 100% of them now.


Notice that between the two examples above; the output changed slightly even though it’s the exact same LP token qty?

This is because, in the time between the two screenshots, there was swap activity in the pools changing the ratio of the held assets within the pool.

I am now likely to get more SPARTA and less BTCB because BTCB probably went up in market value.

If you want to understand how these pool mechanics work a little better, check out the ‘pools’ documentation page currently being built out by the community:

Community Contribution

Spartan Protocol is at its core a community-driven and led project. In this vein, the more contributors the better. There is a great opportunity for community members to contribute by making LP reward analysis tools, etc.

If you have an idea, share it in the community channels.

Engage with the Community and Contributors

Where to find out about all the latest updates or suggest improvements — get involved.



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