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Spartan Protocol DAO Activated

(Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)

BonDAO is now live

Manage BOND allocation and assets enabled for bonding

What is a DAO? (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)

What is best for the ecosystem?

How do I get involved and influence the direction of SpartanProtocol?

  • Provide liquidity to the SP pools — When you add liquidity to a pool you will receive LP tokens representing your weighting in the appropriate pool.
  • Lock LP tokens in the DAO — You will then need to visit the “Lock+Earn” option under “DAO” in the navigation menu. Your LP tokens when locked will provide you with weighting in the DAO. You can see below the lock/unlock options.
Join the DAO to propose, vote and earn SPARTA rewards
Here you can see 0.071% of the Total DAO Weighting
List, Delist or activate a SPARTA allocation to Bond+Mint
Click propose to recommend the addition of a new token to Bond+Mint

Community Contribution

Engage with the community and developers



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