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The Pools:

  • BNB (Curated)
  • BTCB (Curated)
  • BUSD (Curated)
  • USDT (Not Curated)
  • New pools take 7 days to initialize (no liquidity can be removed by anyone in that pool for 7 days from the pool’s genesis datetime).
  • You are required to add at least 10,000 SPARTA + the equivalent value of the other TOKEN (initial liquidity) at the time of creating the pool.
  • You will pay a 1% fee in LP tokens on the pool’s creation. This ‘fee’ is sent to the un-owned BASE contract, and permanently removed from supply.
  • ‘Why do this’ you ask? Well the new pool ‘fee’ serves many clever purposes, the two largest are to reduce spamming of pools and to ensure the pool always has a finite ratio, for safety purposes.

Depth-Caps and Spartan Protocol:

The Curated Pools:

The DAO & Bond:

The SynthYield Tokens:

The DApp:

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Binance Smart Chain testnet Faucet

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Incentivized liquidity and synthetic asset generation for Binance Smart Chain.