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V2 Bond Allocation #1

The first V2 $SPARTA Bond allocation went live in the week, and whilst it was a success in many ways, there were some hiccups and learned lessons along the way. In true DeFi, decentralised fashion, the automated DAO proposal did not release the allocation at the expected time and had to be manually released. Apologies to all those who waited, a lot of us missed out then and even the 2nd time, it never feels nice to miss out!

Moving along, the pool caps were used as a way to regulate this first Bond to ensure there was only some room initially and then again 12 hours later. As some suspected, this didn’t prove to be a great regulation method as the pools are liquid and the caps release dynamically as SPARTA’s price increases causing SPARTA to be swapped out of the pools or as people remove liquidity. This meant most of the allocation went in the first 10mins & almost no Bondable SPARTA left 12 hours later at the first (and unfortunately last) 100K Bond cap raise. Pool caps were the only tool in our basket to regulate this and unfortunately proved to be more of a hindrance than a tool.

From now on, the caps will be raised up prior to any Bond allocations and the whole allocation will be allowed the chance to be eaten up naturally by all those waiting (probably within 10 mins or something crazy). Whilst that suits many, we are still left with the 1st Bond not quite ticking the desired boxes. A temporary solution to this has been proposed starting tomorrow (Tuesday) read more about it in the ‘Looking Forward’ section later in this article.

Immunefi Bounty Partnership Launched

During the week, a bounty program was launched on Immunefi for Spartan Protocol. Having them as a security partner will help enhance the reach, management and effectiveness of the security program. Reporting of identified vulnerabilities can be done through the Spartan Protocol bounty page below and is now linked on the DApp and relevant websites.

Spartan Protocol Bug Bounties | Immunefi

Find bugs and vulnerabilities on Spartan Protocol and get paid up to $100,000.


Three new pools were listed:

  • $BANANA (Welcome on in, ApeSwap!)
  • $BIFI (Welcome back to the shield wall Beefy Finance!)
  • $CAKE (Our OG-BSC friends over at PancakeSwap!)

Looking Forward

Flash Bond

The next Bond allocation will be a special one. It will be 500K in size with no pool caps. Another 500K will follow 12 hours later and so on until a full 2M allocation has been released in 4 pre-planned, timed stages. Many will still miss out, there is no perfect solution to this without going full-centralised and doing KYC which is obviously a big no-no. The other Bond related details are the same, only the Bond-listed pools (currently BNB & BTCB) will be Bondable etc.

Keep in mind these are not automated events like the DAO, so the times of these manual releases can only be estimated and aimed for, but will do our best to communicate/announce a ‘t-minus 10 mins’ type of thing in Telegram/Twitter prior to the Bond releases. As best we can as a distributed group of individuals!

This is just a special ‘Flash Bond’ event, the normal DAO-proposal Bond allocations will run as per usual albeit with the pool caps raised up beforehand as mentioned earlier in this article.

#300SPARTA Quiz Fridays

Whenever 300 $SPARTA is donated to the community wallet (before or after feeBurn, don’t stress about the exact amount!) it will be put aside as a reward for these weekly quizzes.

Spartan Protocol | Liquidity & Synthetics on BSC | DeFi

Spartan Protocol provides community-governed and programmable token emissions functions to incentivize the formation of deep liquidity pools

DeFiSpartan Protocol Community

As we can see, the last two donations were indeed 300 SPARTA (one before feeBurn and one with a little extra to cover it) to demonstrate this and ensure the next two weeks are covered:

These quizzes will usually be quite general and base-knowledge, but if you come across one you can’t answer, feel free to reach out in the community channels for help (this is expected and desired). Three winners will be picked randomly out of the Tweet replies and you will have most of the week to get around to answering before the winners are picked.

Ensure you are following the Twitter account to qualify:

We are all itching to see the positions page out in the wild! Solid progress has been made over the past two weeks to get the Subgraph accurate and ‘position ready’ along with everything on the DApp side so that data can be accessed and presented/used in a way that makes sense for the positions page.

The data is being tested and verified by contributors right now and the Positions page is almost ready to have the calls plugged in for wider testing. The wait is almost over Spartans!

Wednesday feeBurn Update

Spartan Socials — Twitter

Tweet of the Week:

SpartanSocials — Telegram

Contributor’s Focus

COMPLETE ✅ — Enable the Vault incentives

COMPLETE ✅ — Enable the DAO proposals

COMPLETE ✅ — DAO to list Bond assets

COMPLETE ✅ — Update Reserve to diversify into LPs

COMPLETE ✅ — Set up initial Subgraph (for positions & some global metrics)

COMPLETE ✅ — DAO to release first Bond allocation

IN PROGRESS — Build a ‘positions’ page for V2

IN PROGRESS — Work with aggregators to connect the SPARTA pools

Post-C4-contest article on the top issues

Work with CMC/CoinGecko to feed in the SPARTA pool info

March onwards with our original goals of building the decentralised, yield-generating synthetics protocol on Binance Smart Chain

GitHub Activity — Spartan Contracts v2


  1. addPOL() - changed to instantly react to polEmission time changes instead of having to wait for the previous period to complete before the new period kicks in


  1. sellTo() - added boolean param to skip dividend if interfaced in with another transaction
  2. Everywhere that calls sellTo() were adjusted accordingly
  3. swapTo() - moved the dividend event to the end of the transaction to prevent any possibility of stuck funds due to Reserve diversifying before the user's transaction is complete


  1. Added the bug bounty link/info

GitHub Activity — Spartan DApp v2


  1. Added @apollo/client & graphql dependencies (to call subgraph)
  2. Rolled @web3-react/walletconnect-connector to an older version to fix a problem connecting for some users
  3. Added a simple ‘security’ page with the audit links, GitHub & new Immunefi bounty info/links


  1. Setup & tested a general subgraph call template using Apollo & GraphQl
  2. Added placeholder Subgraph call to get members positions


  1. Added helper to check if user has a valid Bond position


  1. Updated the minDiv value
  2. Commented out the dividend calculations that are now not relevant


  1. Updated addresses


  1. Added helper for the remaining Bond allocation percentage (refactor)
  2. Made the progress bar label show up dynamically on whatever half is larger
  3. Adjusted the style of the progress bar


  1. Moved the positions page many steps forward
  2. Not yet ready for public release but we can be confident it will be soon!
  3. Padded out the structure and calls for all 4 scopes
  4. Combined the pairs of scopes into 2 views with scope-change buttons
  5. Began individual testing of the subgraph data and squeezing out any missing/wrong data issues, almost ready to plug the calls into the front end and begin private testing
  6. Added placeholder tooltips for each item as positions (when done accurately) are quite complex and there will be a lot of questions. Would be good to see the community help adjust these tooltips with clean explanations as we progress closer to a public launch
Phase 1: Positions Page


  1. Fixed tile row layout
  2. Added call to get all bond listed assets in case user loads the page directly
  3. Changed to show bond assets even if the user has not already Bonded
  4. Added simple BondVault details placeholder tile with link to the Docs


  1. Added fallback check for last claim time to handle ‘never bonded’
  2. Added Bond / Claim buttons


  1. Added some tooltips


  1. Combined the ‘global’ & ‘member’ details scopes
  2. General cleanup

GitHub Activity — Spartan Subgraph


  1. Fixed the initial rate set in poolFactory.spartaDerivedUSD to be in units instead of WEI (fixes the USD derived positions for early LPers)


  1. Added back in the ‘vs SPARTA’ scope for member/overall


  1. Added back in the ‘vs SPARTA’ scope for member/overall


  1. Added in 2nd relevant router contract & its starting block

GitHub Activity — Spartan Site


  1. Added in Immunefi bounty button

Project Information

Official Links

Community Contribution

Recently, community members have been graciously funnelling in to contribute to explainer articles, ideas and even $SPARTA donations to support the growth of the platform.‌

Binance Smart Chain testnet Faucet

Engage with the community and contributors



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