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SpartanDEV: 17JAN22–23JAN22


  • Raised caps for the $AVA pool!
  • Top token contract activity (SPARTA token utility)
  • #FridayFor300 Quizzes (Security features)
  • Physical NFT drum giveaway
  • On the CoinMarketLeague leaderboard again
  • Community education reminder

Raised Caps for $AVA:$SPARTA

WhaleStats — A Reminder About $SPARTA Utility

#FridayFor300 Quiz Results

  • The ‘Global Freeze’ feature — if there is a large change in a pool’s internally derived price of an asset (current price of an asset is far from its time-weighted-average ‘TWAP’) the value-extraction features of the protocol are locked down until either the imbalance is fixed or TWAP has time to catch up to the current market price. This makes utilizing a flash-loan combined with an attack much riskier for the bad peer (they are pushed to put real assets on the line for a period of time instead of in-out within the same block) Read up more on this feature here.
  • The C4 contest (Code 4rena) — the community raised funds for a whitehat bounty contest to have the Spartan Protocol contracts audited during the V2 build process.
  • Liquidity caps — there are caps in place to prevent a large sudden increase in liquidity locked up in the pools. This allows for a pool’s increase to be more natural and makes it hard for an attacker to use a flash loan to increase any proposed attack, also increasing their risk/difficulty in the process.
  • Synth caps — similar to the liquidity caps, the automated Synth caps ensure increased distribution of the token (not only good for security; also in general ‘fair’ nature) and ensure no-one can forge a large percentage of Synths during some kind of an elaborate attack. These caps serve many more purposes than just security though!
  • Many more! If you have one you want more information on, please reach out in the community for a discussion on whatever topic or feature you have in mind!

New #FridayFor300 Quiz

Physical NFT Drum Giveaway


Community Education


GitHub Activity — Spartan <> Bram NFTs

To Do:

  • Plan & distribute the NFTs

GitHub Activity — Spartan UI Library

To Do:

GitHub Activity — Spartan Docs

To Do:

GitHub Activity — Spartan API

  • Updated most numbered endpoints to be a simple number type instead of a string (units are already converted, so the rounding accuracy loss from using a number instead of a string is minimal)
  • V1 docs were updated
  • Added error handling and checks throughout all endpioints
  • Added a check & sort all RPCs check to reduce the chance of a broken RPC causing an endpoint to fail

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