SpartanProtocol — January 2021

Feb 1 · 6 min read

Monthly Wrap Up | UI Refresh | BonDAO Goes Live | Sneak Peak at Synths in Testing | Router V2 Explored One Month In | Continued Social Growth


Some fantastic things were seen in January; extensive UI and Branding enhancements across the ecosystem were released — most people will immediately notice the Spartan Red & Black has made a much requested come back, there are also MANY enhancements to speed and efficiency were enacted.

The first phase of the Spartan Protocol DAO went live with the community able to interact with the BonDAO. It allows the community to decide which tokens can be added to the curated list of assets eligible for Bond+Mint. They can also propose to allocate $SPARTA to the Bond+Mint contract in increments of 2.5 million SPARTA (up to the 100 million ‘Burn’ distribution amount as per the White Paper)

The Router V2 had a deep dive article below explaining the first month of emissions and how they were allocated.

The community has also started to reveal their passion and their artistic ability with some slick wallpapers being developed for the free use of the community. More to come…

Check out the bottom of this post to download today.

BonDAO allows community members to vote on new allocations for Bond + Mind (How good does the Spartan Red+Black look?)

Steady Growth on Social Platforms


Top Impressions:

Top Engagement:

Top Community Mention:





Pools at the End of January 2021
Pools a the End Of December 2020


Currently 5 Pools Available for Bond+Mint

  • BNB
  • BTCB
  • BUSD
  • USDT
  • ETH

Learn more about the BonDAO below to see how to propose and vote for another allocation of 2.5 Million SPARTA for Bond+Mint.


DAOv2 is coming along nicely in the GlobalUpgrade with the future functions already being played with in testnet

DAOv2 will bring all DAO-related functions across to the central DAO contract and allow for these functions:

  • BOND — Increase BOND allocation — (Already on Mainnet)
  • BOND — List asset for BOND+MINT — (Already on Mainnet)
  • BOND — De-list asset for BOND+MINT — (Already on Mainnet)
  • EMISSIONS — Turn on/off
  • EMISSIONS — Adjust the curve
  • EMISSIONS — Change era duration
  • EMISSIONS — Change eras to earn
  • Change cool-off-period for DAO proposals
  • Propose ‘grant’

Curated Pools

Also, the future will feature ‘Curated Pools’ where there will be a higher tier of pools that will be allowed to be used for Synths, DAO weight, Dividends etc.

This will allow for listing any assets even if they have low depth without affecting the integrity of the ecosystem.

  • CURATED POOLS — Add pool to curated tier
  • CURATED POOLS — Remove pool from curated tier
  • CURATED POOLS — Challenge a curated pool
Early-stage UI example of voting for a proposal in the DAO
Temporary function-dashboard UI for TestNet testing
Early-stage parameter-dashboard UI for TestNet testing


The community really pulled together in January to collate ideas from a range of contributors and build a new landing page for Spartan Protocol.

See sneak peaks below and consider this a call for us community members to continue banding together and contributing to this one!

We still need to collectively pad out the information on each ‘feature’ page, i.e. ‘Liquidity Pools’ & ‘Synths’ if anyone is able to help contribute to these pages (images, information/copy, styling etc) please reach out in the community channel and/or clone/commit to the ‘V2’ branch in github:

Current Contributor’s Focus


  • DAO v2
  • Utils v2
  • Router v3
  • Pool v2
  • SynthRouter v1
  • Synth v1
  • Bond v4

Spartan DApp

  • DAO UI v1
  • Shares/Position Overview Page v1
  • Integrate WalletConnect


  • Updated landing page using community ideas and recent art contributions

Community Contribution

Spartan Protocol is at it’s core a community-driven and led project. In this vein, the more contributors the better. There is a great opportunity for community members to contribute by making LP reward analysis tools, etc.

This month saw some fantastic artwork shared for the community to enjoy — keep your eyes peeled you'll never know where it might show up.

Spice up your wallpaper today!

If you have an idea, share it in the community channels.

Engage with the community and developers

Where to find out about all the latest updates or suggest improvements — get involved.


A protocol for incentivised liquidity and synthetic assets on Binance Smart Chain


The Spartan Protocol incentivises the formation of capital in liquidity pools, such that they can be used for synthetic token generation, lending, derivatives and more.


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Incentivized liquidity and synthetic asset generation for Binance Smart Chain.


The Spartan Protocol incentivises the formation of capital in liquidity pools, such that they can be used for synthetic token generation, lending, derivatives and more.

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