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UNT token migration: Please remove liquidity

Hello Spartans, just passing on important information from the Universe Finance team: any liquidity providers in the UNT:SPARTA pool, please remove liquidity at your earliest convenience as the UNT token will be migrating to a new token via an airdrop technique (Universe Finance is re-branding and their UNT token is re-branding with them)

UNTp Liquidity Providers:

This only affects you if you have liquidity specifically in the UNT pool

If your address is on this list, please:

  • Visit the community DApp to remove liquidity
  • Connect wallet after clicking the above link
  • Then click the ‘Remove’ tab
  • Confirm the UNT pool is selected
  • Input ‘MAX’ of your UNTp tokens and proceed to confirm and sign the transaction to remove liquidity in the form of SPARTA & UNT to your wallet
  • Recommended to ‘Remove Both’ aka ‘symmetrically’ and await their airdrop snapshot rather than swap it to one side and suffer slippage with the pool’s liquidity reducing

There will be some sort of a snapshot soon (not sure when yet) for an airdrop of their new token and if your UNT tokens are in the pool instead of your wallet, you might not receive the airdrop depending on how it is handled. For simplicity, best to have the UNT tokens in your wallet before the snapshot.

If you don’t read this until after the snapshot and still have liquidity in the pool, please reach out in our community channel to see if there has been some kind of solution for you (no guarantees as we don’t yet know all the details)


In the meantime please direct any specific questions about the UNT token migration to the Universe Finance community channels.

Spartan Protocol specific questions as always can be directed at the usual places:




The Spartan Protocol incentivises the formation of capital in liquidity pools, such that they can be used for synthetic token generation, lending, derivatives and more.

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