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The Spatial Suite

sMP, sCMS, sCom, sX, sApps, sAPI, & Spatialytics

An introduction to the suite of components comprising the Spatial Web.

tl;dr Built upon the open-source Spatial Mapping Protocol (sMP), the Spatial API (sAPI) interfaces between the Spatial Content Management System (sCMS) and various Spatial Apps (sApps), Spatial Commerce applications (sCom), and Spatial Experiences (sX). Actionable intelligence in the form of Spatial Analytics (Spatialytics) emerges from this stack.


The Spatial Mapping Protocol (sMP), is an open-source protocol for mapping content in Cubified space. While developed by Spatialist (as no standard was established), the protocol is open to all to use and improve upon.


This is the foundation for the entire Spatial Suite.
The Spatial Content Management System (sCMS) is a database built upon the Spatial Mapping Protocol. Simply, it maps Points of content in Cubified space, and enables permissions as to who can view and edit those Points.


Spatial Commerce (sCom) is where the rubber hits the road!
By enabling Spatial Commerce, any Point can enable a product to be sold, or a service to be purchased. For example, an espresso machine can be purchased in a store through sCom. Later, maintenance of the espresso machine can be ordered spatially.


Spatial Experiences (sX) add a layer of fun to the Spatial Suite.
The combination of Points within a space creates a Spatial Experience, such as spatially mapped festival.


Spatial Apps (sApps) are apps enabled by the Spatial Mapping Protocol. These can be brick-and-mortar first, or digital first. From either approach, a Spatial App emerges, adding a layer of stickiness, monetization, and dimensionality to existing stores/websites/apps.


Enterprises, merchants, and sApps interact with the sCMS through the Spatial (sAPI). This makes sApps rapidly deployable and dependable.


Spatial Analytics (Spatialytics) add a layer of intelligence to sApps and sCom. For example, Spatial Heat Maps — the analogue of website heat maps can be created, providing deep insights into the spatial relationships between people, Points, and purchases.

About Spatialist

Spatialist offers enterprise tools for companies to enter the Spatial Web.
With out Spatial Content Management System, and Spatial Commerce Tooling, your business can offer customers unique experiences that literally leap off the screen.

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