A Spooky Halloween and Other Short Stories

I was looking at some old writing and schoolwork of mine when I came across a few ‘gems’ of writing. All of these were 3rd grade class exercises to write themed stories in our journals.

I’ve typed them out and edited spelling/grammar in a few places while trying to retain the essence and also, since I’m sure a lot of you won’t be able to read 8-year-old-me’s pathetic excuse for handwriting. Pictures are tiny too. 

Though the writing is quite innocent, I found these stories to be rather entertaining. Probably because I wrote them myself. I still can’t believe that I was capable of writing (albeit naïve) back then!

1. A Spooky Halloween

One day there were two boys named Jack and Frank. They were friends. Halloween was coming up and it was Jack and Frank's first Halloween by themselves.

They couldn’t wait. Finally it was Halloween! So they decided it would be fun to go to the spooky cemetery. It was dark and spooky. They walked in.

Suddenly they heard wolves howling. They heard footsteps behind them. They grew LOUDER and LOUDER. Suddenly, they felt hands on their shoulders.

Immediately they fainted and they were dragged into their new invisible graves. After that no one knew what happened to them. No one heard or saw them again. But there are rumors that they still haunt the town they live in.

The End

OK, clearly, my morbid imagination is not a recent development. This next one is rather rambling, but funny nonetheless.

2. I Landed On The Wish Planet

I landed on a new planet and I saw a sign that said “Welcome to the Wish planet where wishes come true.”

I had been wishing for a friend and there appeared a person who looked much like a stick, who was funny looking and ugly too. Her eyes were googly and she had a slimy green body. I didn’t like how she looked. I never told her but one day I blurted it out. 

She started to scream and she turned into a slimy red, red person. Then her head flew off. That was the end of her.

Next I saw a flower. At least I thought it was a flower. Then I walked on I saw a tree. It started talking. That freaked me out so I ran away. Then I saw some creature named The Thing. It was so freaky. It built a net and wouldn’t let me get out.

So I wished I were out of the wish planet.

The End

This one was fairly embarrassing to type out. Here is the final short story from my 2001/2002 journal.

3. The Three Hamsters’ Mystery Christmas Trip

One day the three hamsters came home after a long trip at Mini Beverly Hills. It was a week before Christmas and they had everything they needed for the party they were having. But yet they thought they were missing something.

They sat and thought for a while. Finally Christina knew what was missing. “We need another trip to a famous place!”, said Christina. 

“Exactly!”, said Eva. Brianna agreed too. They knew it was Christina’s turn to choose and she chose Las Vegas.
Mini Las Vegas. So they decided to have their Christmas party there.

They invited all the rest of their friends and moved their party things to Las Vegas and had the best Christmas party they had ever had.

The End

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