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3 min readApr 10, 2022


I am really excited to launch our SIMO software for urban development! SIMO supports integrated, data-driven collaboration for multidisciplinary urban development teams. It is built upon our unique Urban Information Modelling UIM Standard and custom UIM Graphics. SIMO opens up new ways to design cities!

Have a quick look below, see our detailed benefits and features, and get your license! See the links below to follow us! See our Docs online. For a more detailed read, check out Why SIMO and UIM?

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What Makes SIMO so Great?

SIMO is built by a passionate team with deep expertise in international urban development and computational design. SIMO and UIM are the tools we always needed. We are in active development, have great feedback from our commercial customers, and have been deployed at TU Delft in the Netherlands throughout the development process!

Designing cities is a process of discovery for large teams with very different views on the project. SIMO helps teams discover the project much faster, with greater insight and with better validation metrics. SIMO is built upon industry leading software, universal geometry types and our harmonized UIM Data Standard.

Screenshot SIMO App Rhino
Screenshot of the SIMO Rhino App (right) showing UIM data on the Rhino3D model

Great already, and we’re just getting started!

SIMO comes with three apps: Rhino3D app, Grasshopper app and the SIMO Data Dashboard. How does it work? Model in Rhino as you always do, let Grasshopper process everything in the background, and stream our unique UIM.json file to our realtime analysis and data visualization.

SIMO Dashboard
Screenshot of the SIMO Dashboard App showing a UIM City dataset

Urban Metrics for Global Teams

Build UIM models with SIMO that you can customize to local urban planning contexts. SIMO supports urban metrics such as: MXI (Mixed Use), FSI (aka FAR), GSI (Coverage), OSR (Open Space), GFA, NFA, SFA and many more.

SIMO Grasshopper Icons
SIMO Grasshopper Icons

Integrated, Data-driven Collaboration

Urban development requires many teams, advisors and stakeholders. The goal of SIMO is to bring these diverse team members together through harmonized geometry and data. We’re excited to continue building out amazing new integrations to support new rapid urban development workflows that are currently impossible.

UIM Urban Data Model (ontology and schema)
Overview of our unique UIM Data Model and Schema for SIMO

Industry Leading Urban Schema

In building SIMO, we quickly realized that there were no useable urban ontologies or urban data schemas for describing Urban Information Models (aka CIM, CityBIM). So we built the UIM Data Model and Schema as well as our unique UIM Graphics standards from scratch taking the best from industry practice and other connected standards. If you love these technical things, or want to use them in your software, data and ML models, urban classifications, metaverse models… reach out to us! We love partners.

Visit Spatiomatics to learn more about SIMO and get your licenses.

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Have a look at the SIMO Documentation.

Why the SIMO name? It comes from “Spatiomatics Urban Information MOdelling”! Made with ❤️ in Europe for our global users.



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