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News & 2017 Talks

7/26, 7/27 New York, New York — Slide Previews — Day 1, Day 2

7/12 Burlington, VT — Slides

6/27 Cambridge, MA — Amazon Cambridge Demo

6/8 Cambridge, MA — Slides

6/7 Haverhill, MA — Slides

6/6 Cambridge, MA — Slides

5/25 Manchester, NH — Slides

5/18 NYC — Slides

5/4 NYC — Slides

5/3 NYC — Slides

3/6 White River Junction, VT

August 2017 on — Sam is Now @

July 2017 — I am teaching the “Deep Learning Month” Track at AIMonth online/worldwide.

June 2017 —Complete demos for 15 open source deep learning examples you can download and run. Part 1 and Part 2 are currently up on KDNuggets.

May 2017 — I am teaching the “Deploying Deep Learning” Track at Deep Learning Conf in NYC.

April 2017 — — Contact me About Deep Assistive Technologies

Mar. 2017 — Core Enterprise Deep Learning Business Development

Feb. 2017 — NLP with sklearn on Kaggle

Jan. 2017 — Theano AWS GPU Speedup

Dec. 2016 — Convolutional Neural Network Indexing

Dec. 2016 — Sentiment Analysis for a Naive Bayes Classifier

Nov. 2016 — Transparent ML with an scikit-learn Decision Tree Classifier

Nov. 2016 — Understanding Image Classification Algorithm Quality on IRS Tax Returns with TensorFlow TF.Learn

Oct. 2016 — NumPy, Matplotlib, and the SciPy Library for Feature Selection and EDA

Oct. 2016 — Pro Bono Social Networking App Released on Apple App Store


Get coffee with Sam in:

Hanover, New Hampshire (Dartmouth College Area)

Cambridge Massachusetts (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Area)

New York City (New York University Area)

Burlington, Vermont (University of Vermont Area)

Manchester, New Hampshire (University of New Hampshire Area)

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