To Find Love

That’s not how you find love you know.

Finding strangers to cuddle with… it’s not love you know.

Whatever hole you’re trying to fill within your soul, bought love, faked hugs, forced smiles are not going to do it. Whatever missing piece you’re trying to feel, they’re not going to touch it. You’re forcing yourself to believe you’re happy with it. Don’t. Don’t consume yourself. Don’t consume the innocence. Don’t consume the heart.

You’re strong… So strong. After all you’ve been through, you’re strong for still looking for love. But that’s not how you find love. You know. Don’t try to force it in plastic bodies, on strangers’ lips, in hands you’re trying to hold that you don’t know. Don’t try to force it is all.

Like a fish you’re swimming in deep waters. Cold and dark and dangerous. You’re away from home and home misses you, you don’t know. The lands you’re trying to discover are going to end you, if not you then me. In a heart that wonders is longing. Your heart’s been on the road for so long and the longing is going to end me, if not me then you.

I know you can’t break a broken heart but broken hearts can’t love. Heal your heart, give it time. Time doesn’t heal… No, that’s bullshit, but time is the mediator between you and the healer. Wait for it. Time is the mediator between you and me. Wait for me. Until your eyes fall on the right pair of orbs, until you see the soul right through… Don’t rush this feeling, for it can’t be found before its time. Wait for it. Wait for me like I wait for you.

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