Reading is a kind of paradise

by Arij Kahlaoui , Ghardimaou High School

  1. Reading relaxes the mind and soul:

There is something about stopping to focus on words during reading. Even if we have a stressful day, a book can easily distract us from our own problems. Reading has the ability to calm us down .

2. Children can reach out to the words

Reading forces kids to look at words that they might not have seen or heard. A large number of children who read are articulate while the others are not.

3.Reading helps the brain retain knowledge

It is no secret that reading increases children’s vocabulary and spelling better than talking or even direct teaching. Since the readers must concentrate in order to read. As they plunge into a book, their concentration and thinking abilities are enhanced.

4. Reading improves our thinking process

Reading books requires readers to think about and imagine different details in the books which boosts our thinking process.

5. To read is to travel

The book can take us into the jungle of Africa to the desert of a desolate Sahara, to the top of the Everest.. without any effort !

It is needless to say that a book is an accessible means of entertainment and a lasting pleasure. Just grab it !

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