Vortex Vertigo

A Dizzying Whirlwind

Wendi Lady - It's a Wendiful World
Speaking Bipolar


Photo by Manuel M. Almeida on Unsplash

I can hear and see and sense the air around me, whipping in a frenzy, yet my hair does not move.

I can feel the vibration in my core, taste the sizzling energy;

I am aware of the earth spinning on its axis

as if I am separate and apart from it.

I can see the fire but do not feel its warmth.

I can see the ice but do not feel the chill.

Body wakes in the morning while Mind stands off to the side watching it slither from the bed, grappling for the pile of clothes discarded on the floor.

But those clothes won’t hide my nakedness.


My life reduced to shades of nude.

And not the sexy kind.

Mind tilts its head in quiet query as body shuffles its way to the bathroom with a limp, squinting eyes looking at a phone as if it will have the answers.

It won’t.

Mind raises its eyebrow inquisitively as it watches Body trudging toward the coffee pot as if the hot brew will somehow make us feel alive.

It doesn’t.

It’s the ether -

the Neither —



Wendi Lady - It's a Wendiful World
Speaking Bipolar

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