Creative Drinks #5 — The Funky Salad Bowl

I’ve been having a blast lately getting to know the creative community in Vietnam. We were thrilled to be a sponsor of such a great show put on by my new friends Vi and Austin. Can’t wait til the next one.

The keynote speaker gave a great talk on design process. While design is creative, takes time and is often unpredictable, it’s critical when running a business that process is clear so we know where along the path our designers are.

He also reminded me of one of my favorite Steve Jobs quotes, “Creativity is just connecting things”. Our business model was created by our Founder David Niu. The idea was simply a connection of 100+ entrepreneurs and the problems they shared in common. Two resonated:

  1. That sinking feeling when a top employee leaves you and you don’t know why
  2. Performance reviews, they are big, cumbersome, time consuming, untimely and thought of by most as unfair.

The light bulb came on and TINYpulse was born.

For more about Creative Drinks, check out their FB page