Win The Content Marketing Game

On March 3, 2018, The University of Virginia walked onto the court in Charlotte, NC as a #1 seed and the favorite for the NCAA Tournament.

Virginia’s opponent, the 16th seeded UMBC Retrievers. Yes, the Retrievers.

As you can guess, the mighty UMBC Retrievers upset the tournament favorites. Virginia became the first #1 seed to lose to a #16 seed in the history of the NCAA Tournament.

This was an epic failure by any measurement, but Virginia rebounded this year. The Cavaliers turned in another impressive season to earn a #1 seed for the 2019 tournament.

Again, they entered their round 1 game as an overwhelming favorite against the #16 seed Gardner-Webb. There’s no way Virginia can lose to a #16 seed two years in a row, right? Emboldened by the 2018 upset, Gardner-Webb jumped on Virginia and built a 14 point lead late in the first half.

Was history about to repeat itself?

No. Virginia bounced back from the deficit and won the game convincingly in the second half. They went on to win the NCAA tournament and earn their redemption. A story of true resilience.

I caught myself making a correlation to growing a brand through content marketing. You’ll never be successful without setbacks and flat out failures. Most people quit when the going gets tough. They never taste sweet victory.

You’ll talk to an empty room when you start, keep going.

People will unsubscribe from your list, keep going.

Jerks will criticize your videos or posts, keep going.

It will feel like the process is taking forever, keep going.

Some posts will suck terribly and be ignored, keep going.

Breaking through will take far longer than you expected, keep going.

Everybody wants the glory without the work. You have to be willing to risk embarrassment and failure to grab the glory. And when failure does come, pick yourself back up and start over. You can’t win if you don’t show up for the game.

Nobody in content marketing is an overnight success. It takes work, consistency, and resilience to break through the noise. When you do, it feels great to receive positive feedback from the community you build. I’ve loved watching my email list steadily grow over the last four months. Speaking of my email list…

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