Why We Invested in Trainn

Unleashing the power of video creation and adoption.

Dhanush Ram
Speciale Invest
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3 min readJan 21, 2022

We at Speciale Invest are excited to announce our Seed investment in Trainn

Founded by Vivek and Sumana from Chennai (SaaS Capital of India) — Trainn is a SaaS platform that helps create, manage and embed walk-through videos and training academies to accelerate product adoption for users.

Vivekanandhan Natarajan & Sumana Ammaiyappan (Co-founders of Trainn)

We met the co-founders Vivek and Sumana in the middle of the pandemic when they were brainstorming ideas around the product adoption space. Both founders had a strong product-oriented operating experience from fast-growing Unicorn Chargebee.

Over the course of our engagement, we became excited about the opportunities surrounding their learnings, product execution and GTM experiments. While we meet thousands of founders every year, it’s incredibly rare to come across founders who have multiple ingredients — strong product talent, an instinct for great user experience, and the ability to get products out to market. These are a few of their noteworthy traits, which took them an idea on paper and bring that product to life in the hands of paying customers within a matter of few months.

As digital products are accumulating an increasingly large number of features, product complexity has also gone up. Software companies are facing an ever-growing challenge in making product adoption easy for their customers to adapt and use their products. In this digital age, where speed and efficiency are critical, conventional methods of training and documentation are proving ineffective. The need for faster, easier methods of training that adapt to a modern learning style has become increasingly clear. Video has an increasingly popular way to educate and inform. 68% of people prefer to learn about a product by watching videos. It is fair to say that video has become a game-changer. However, creating high-quality product training videos is still a cumbersome process that requires unique skills. Editing videos accommodating screen-grabs, voiceovers, etc., can be expensive and time-consuming work.

Trainn saw this universal challenge as an opportunity. By combining video and product adoption together, it has develop a no-code video-enabled software that can be used to create, manage and publish video tutorials and training materials for products within minutes. With self-guided training videos, users will be able to learn at their own pace and spend as much time as they need on each section of the product. It also offers in-depth analytics that will help companies make changes quickly to further improve product features. The founders’ unique understanding of the market’s new needs has led them to develop a video-centric platform with a great user experience. Trainn integrates with key customer success and CRM tools to deliver user-level product adoption engagement data, turning insights into features.

Trainn’s early beta customers raved about the product and hailed it as a game-changer for the modern enterprise. Trainn is helping product-obsessed/product-led companies and is striking the same vein as some SaaS companies such as UrbanPiper, Wingman, Exotel, and HackerRank amongst others.

We believe in 2022 and beyond, Video will become paramount for true digital adoption, which has a direct impact on product activation and adoption, which in return improves retention, lower churn, and more predictable revenue.

We’re thrilled to support the Trainn team as they continue to develop their product and help more companies transition into a new way of product adoption and onboarding. With this round of funding, the company is actively scaling up their engineering teams and experimenting with their GTM.

Check out open roles here if you want to join them on their journey.

Onwards & Upwards 🚀🚀



Dhanush Ram
Speciale Invest

Investment Team @ Speciale Invest