Business data induction 2022–03–07

Starting to analyse company boards of directors with BoardEx

Review of recent activities

  • We co-delivered our new Bloomberg AIM market workshop. We had to make changes on the day due to storms and remote working but it still went well. Person A found the web version of Bloomberg interface challenging but workable.
  • Returning back to Bloomberg Market Concepts.
  • Needs to understand the background in order to follow the functional systems.
  • Needs to observe synchronous enquiries (online or face-to-face) to capture more subtle details and the back-and-forth interrogative elements of enquiry solving. Already has these skills in other disciplines.

This week

Look at BoardEx training that exists in WRDS

  • Go to WRDS Classroom, then the BoardEx section.
  • We looked at the example visualisations which show what is possible with BoardEx. For example, starting with IBM, for its board of directors, which of these people are the CEO of another company? Then repeat for each of these companies, displayed in a bubble chart.
  • We worked through the teaching slide deck, introducing BoardEx and giving one exercise to study the board diversity of Tesla in December 2019.


  1. Repeat the BoardEx teaching deck activity from WRDS Classroom Tools. Prepare to deliver these slides to Person Z at the next business data induction session.
  2. Look through other WRDS Classroom Tools. Which ones are useful to you and why?
  3. Pick up previous homework tasks on Bloomberg + Eventus and BMC.



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