Business data induction 2022–05–05

First look at Refinitiv Datastream via Eikon, how to access

Today we will go from the very beginning with Datastream for Person A and Person Z. They have both taught some Datastream several years ago but not used it much (or at all) since.

Previous content

The following links are for reference only. I’m not expecting you to read through them now. We may come back to them in the coming weeks.

Most of these are written for the previous version of Datastream, before we moved to Datastream via Eikon.

What we covered this time

Where to access Datastream, some choices:

  1. Install Eikon with Datastream from the Software Center.
  2. Use on the Finance Zone machines (remote or in person).


  • Get a working installation of Datastream or access the Finance Zone.
  • Read through the FAQ on booking an Eikon ID and get familiar with it.



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