Business data induction 2022–11–01

Looking for analyst and research reports in Eikon and private company data in Orbis

Public company searches in Eikon

  • A student requests a report which we don’t have access to, eg analyst reports, expensive market research research.
  • We cannot use Order an Article service in these cases due to cost.
  • We have Aftermarket Research (AMR) from Refinitiv which contains analyst reports. It is part of Refinitiv Eikon (and Workspace).
  • We can look at using the Research Advanced Search (ADVRES) app in Eikon
  • Contributors including the following who are highly regarded: Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, GlobalData, MarketLine, UPS, Credit Suisse. (Some universities subscribe directly to GlobalData or MarketLine.)
  • Search by Industry.
  • Search by Countries/Regions.
  • Search by Keywords: Boolean search in one of three fields: Document (full text), Table of Contents, Title.
  • Date Range.
  • Report Types: Company, Industry.
  • Price and number of pages are often an indicator or quality (bigger is better).
  • Try the Company Research feature if you are interested in one company.
  • Try the Company Filings feature if you are looking for formal regulator documents such as annual reports or bankruptcy filing.
  • We also looked at Financials > Segments for a breakdown by geography or business segment (eg Honda).

Private company searches in Orbis

  • Corporate Ownership, ownership structure
  • Geographic footprint
  • Key financials
  • Peer comparison
  • Directors, managers and advisors


  • Practice using Aftermarket Research when answering enquiries which may benefit from the reports which we do not have anywhere else.



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