This search will be carried out in ASSIA (Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts) in the Advanced Search mode. Please switch your search box to the Advanced Search screen.

The research topic used in this exercise is

“Adolescent attitude towards contraception”.

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What is special about Proquest?

Proquest is a multi-disciplinary platform and has a wide range of databases. The databases include an auto-complete searching tool but do not include any MeSH tools or Subject Trees therefore you do need to know what search words you want to use.

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Searching activity

Search 1

  1. Select the ‘ADVANCED’ search screen.
  2. Type “adolescent attitude” on the first line and “contraception” OR “birth control” in the second line of boxes, and click on Search.
  3. Type the date range “2015–2020” in the Enter A Date Range boxes and click on Update.

Your Search History can be found by clicking on the Recent Searches link at the top-right of the search screen. You should have a table that looks similar to this:

ProQuest Search History — please note these search results were accurate on 25 March 2020

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Other features of Proquest

  • You can save your searches by creating an account — See the My Research link at the top-right of the Proquest homepage.
  • Please note — this database platform does not allow you to save a set of results and reload them in a group. You would have to reload each search separately.

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