Searching systematically online workshop

In this post we will explore what to expect in the workshop and what you should do to prepare before you attend.

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This session is for University of Manchester students. It will be particularly useful for those searching for literature and resources within Medical and Health Sciences databases.

If you are looking for more general support in searching you may find My Learning Essentials workshops and events useful. For up to date listings check the Library website.

The Searching Systematically Workshop is a little more structured with instructional demonstrations that the trainer presents using a single research question example.

The intention is that you watch the demonstration and then you will be given time after each demonstration to explore the resource for yourself. You are welcome to follow along with the trainer. However, because the trainer cannot see your screens we may not be able to help individuals during the demonstrations.

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What to expect

This session will show you how to replicate a search topic in four database platforms. Initially it focusses on EBSCO and OVID platforms which host databases such as PsycInfo and CINAHL. However, we will also explore the Clarivate and Proquest platforms which host the Web of Science and ASSIA databases. We will show you the search tools that may be useful in replicating your searches across these platforms.

Please note: The session takes place via Zoom video conferencing software.

University of Manchester students and staff should register at using their University of Manchester email address. Only authenticated users can join this event.

Help and support with using Zoom is provided by Media Services. Updates are posted to the Media Services website, and you can contact the team by emailing

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How to prepare

If you’re not familiar with searching databases this workshop may contain a lot of new language and information. We recommend you read through both of the below posts before attending to get the most from the session:

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Further support

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