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In this podcast we explore the best resources available to you in the library for finding trade and industry news

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OK so for our final segment we are going to look at the various trade and industry news sources that are available to you from the Library.

Most people get their news sources online these days — I know I certainly do! However, I’m sure like me you often get frustrated by endless popup adverts, requirements to agree to “terms of service” and “privacy policies” and then more often than not you’ll eventually be invited to pay some sort of subscription fee (once you have read a certain amount of enticing content).

The most obvious example that springs to mind here is the Financial Times — You can’t easily read their journalism for free! However, in that individual case you can get access to the full site from the AMBS school-wide subscription — there are instructions on how to sign up for access to that in Blackboard if you haven’t already taken advantage of it.

For other sources, you might want to look at such as the Wall Street Journal or the New York times you can access this content for free using one of our Library databases called Factiva.

There are detailed instructions on how to access Factiva within the post accompanying this podcast.

Factiva contains articles from key media sources worldwide and you can filter your display to show the latest articles from top North American, South American, European and Asian publications. It’s a really useful feature if you want to stay informed without paying out countless monthly subscription fees!

In addition to the mainstream media sources you should also find the trade news feature within Factiva. Say you were researching “Airlines” — If you are looking for the latest commentaries on the impact of social, political and economic events these can be the place to go. You’ll usually find analysis of company announcements, financial results or the impacts of government legislation — the likely impact of recent events such as Covid-19 will also be featured here so it can be a really useful way to keep on top of industry developments.

As with all news sources caution is required, as often what you are reading will be informed speculation but there’s loads of advice available in the post below about this aspect as well. The first post discusses this in detail, while the second goes into more detail about how to use the specific databases to filter for various countries, industries etc

Hope you found this short podcast useful, and as ever — good luck with your research!

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