Too Little, Too Much, and Everything in Between

Credit: Creative Commons

Niche media is all about context.

Take political news outlets, for example. What about publications that want to cover all facets of the beat, from education to immigration? Or what about those wanting to cover the specifics of one category, such as the business side of U.S. military arms and equipment?

I think there can be a happy medium between both these things.

In my Specialized Reporting class, the required capstone for my communication degree, I’m working with a partner to produce content under a business-focused beat.

Upon researching local businesses for story ideas, we found that there are several interesting and odd businesses in our area that we thought were worth exploring.

These “off-kilter businesses,” as my partner calls them, also highlight the area’s tourist draw and economic success.

The challenge in the coming months will be for us to avoid straying from the beat. In my experience, it’s easy to get so immersed in a story that you forget why you’re writing it in the first place.

And, since we’re telling these stories through a mobile journalist lens, we might get distracted with the technology behind the story.

So throughout this semester, I will make it a point to remind myself of this idea:

Successful niche media—while filled with specific stories that are catered to specific readers—tends to follow an all-encompassing, logical pattern: “not too much, not too little.” It’s important to produce niche stories that fall comfortably in between the two.

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