Adapting User Experience to Heal a Generation of Broken People: Part Two

A blue field with dark blue cartoon people standing in a half circle
Designing for the emotional toll of Covid

Post-Pandemic User Research Adaptations

a cartoon hand in a suit jacket nudging a cartoon man forward gently
Nudges in Product Design

Post-Pandemic Design Nudges

Designing for Trust Post-Covid

  • Full disclosure, at Speck Design, we will always take the opportunity to call for more diversity in product design, but in this case, that is largely the answer. To build products more people trust, diversify your teams. Include people you don’t normally see, who don’t fit in, who don’t know what you or others around you know. Perhaps, sprinkle in some novice perspectives unpolluted by subject matter ennui. Minorities, women, and non-binary folks? Yes, please! Product development teammates like these are HCD gold and essential for addressing the question trust-starved users need to be answered most: Does this product have my interests in mind?
Two cartoon men carrying giant wall plugs to plug into one another

Designing for Connectivity Post-Covid

Designing for Happiness Post-Covid

Products Are Ephemeral: Experiences Are Not



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