Spectiv Updated RoadMap

Dylan Senter
Jul 28, 2018 · 3 min read

2018 Q3

We are excited to introduce the official Spectiv VR Platform. We’ve listed a few of the major update items below.

Complete design overhaul / rebranding

Upvote / downvote system for comments

Implementation of SIG wallet / tipping content creator

Off loaded video upload (more than 3x the speed and improves overall server performance) Removed approval for creating a channel

Optimized video streaming to all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.)

Implemented new recommend video algorithm that drives engagement

Playlist functionality

Server architecture optimized

Notification system (in app and email)

New thumbnail generator on upload

Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor tweaks

Continued technical updates to current Signal Marketplace platform. We have three main focuses for this quarter: optimizing user onboarding process, robust smart contract functionality, and minimal UX friction associated with Ethereum network. We will keep you guys posted as we make these updates — we strongly encourage and appreciate all community feedback on the platform!

A prevalent issue with many token projects is scalability, particularly as it relates to microtransactions. High gas fees make these small transactions uneconomical. This is not an issue for sales-based rewards on the Signal Marketplace, but it is an issue for view-based rewards. Our current workaround for this is transaction batching, where reward transactions are only executed when they’ve reached a minimum required “batch” count, such that the gas fees do not exceed the rewards themselves. For general intents and purposes, this works just fine. However, because it requires us to manage the batch data, it is not fully decentralized. To address this, we will be exploring some blockchain alternatives (i.e. EOS) while also keeping a close eye on scalability developments in the Ethereum world (Sharding, etc.).

2018 Q4

The Signal Marketplace currently supports view-based influencer rewards, where an influencer is rewarded for driving views to an advertiser’s link. By the end of quarter 4, we will have integrated sales-based rewards, where an influencer is rewarded only when they drive a sale for the advertiser. This is going to be an exciting and fully decentralized use-case for the Signal Marketplace platform!

Technical maintenance and upkeep for the VR platform.

Getting the word out about Spectiv and the Signal Marketplace. We are currently mapping out the Spectiv Ambassador Program which will allow the community to earn rewards for sharing Spectiv channels and content. We will launch this program at the start of Q4.

2019 Q1

Based on our assessment of other potential blockchains for SIG, we may make a move to a new blockchain. In general, this is just a note that we plan to make an actionable step towards microtransaction scalability for SIGs.

Based on growing user feedback from influencers and advertisers, we will adjust and optimize the overall user experience for the Signal Marketplace platform. Our priorities are a simple onboarding process and intuitive usability.

With our core platforms functional and time-tested, we will be able to take a full force approach to industry partnerships for both.

2019 Q2

By Q2, the Signal Marketplace will have reached its final state in terms of technology and user experience.

We will be taking very targeted steps towards onboarding users for the Signal Marketplace — both influencers and advertisers.

Technical maintenance and upkeep for the VR platform.


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